About The Author

Ben Dougherty

I'm a technical lead at one of Australia's leading agencies. I'm the maintainer of the Migrate API in Drupal 8 Core and an active open source contributor.

I've been configuring and maintaining build pipelines for years and this book was an opportunity for me to share many tips and hard learnt lessons with you!

About The Book


Learn how to use the industries leading continuous integration platforms, Travis CI, Circle CI and Gitlab. I'll provide examples of their configuration files and any platform specific knowledge.


Many popular frameworks use PHPUnit but that doesn't mean running tests is easy. I'll teach you how to run everything from unit tests to your headless browser tests, generate coverage reports and capture the output in a readable format.


The format of the book is like a cookbook but with a a introduction as to how each recipe came about. You can use my code as a working example to refer to or the foundations to build your own testing workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I don't use a listed CI platform?

You'll still learns heaps from this book. Many of the SaaS CI platforms share a lot in common and the knowledge learnt here is easily shareable between the others. I've picked 3 platforms I've personally used but I may add others in the future and all book updates will be free.

What If don't use a listed framework?

Again, the content should be applicable to any language or framework you are using. The examples will specifically focus on testing, linting and automating processes around those frameworks but concepts can be applied anywhere.

Have you already written the book?

Not entirely. I've started the book but I'm taking the next couple of weeks to gauge interest. If this is something the community wants then i'll finish the book over the next few months. If the book doesn't go ahead, i'll delete your email subscription.

What formats will the book be available in?

I'm writing the book in Markdown and intend to export to PDF. I would also like to provide an ePub copy if possible but i'm new to the authoring ecosystem so i'll have to see how viable that will be.

How will the code samples be distributed?

Code samples will be handed out separately when you purchase a copy of the book. All code is also within the book as we work our way through the recipes.

I have another question?

No problem. Feel free to send an email [email protected] and I'll do my best to answer.

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